C. Research Projects

1. "Investigation Power Supply Quality Phenomena in Ship Electric Energy Systems focusing on Voltage Fluctuation Phenomena " -within the frame "Pythagoras - ΙΙ" (starting date: 1/1/2005, ending date: 31/12/2007, funding source: Hellenic Ministry of Education and European Union).

2. "Investigation of unequal Active and Reactive power sharing among conventional and Shaft synchronized generators" (funding source: Elefsis Shipyards ΕΝΑΕ).

3. "Investigation of Power quality problems during starting-up of a Bow Thruster installed in Car/Passenger Ferry"(funding source: ROTECH ENGINEERING Ltd).

4. "Investigation Switching Overvoltages during switching operation of reactor loaded power transformer"(funding Source: Public Power Corporation-Direction of New Constructions -PPC/DNEM).

5. "Investigation of Voltage Drop in the Electrical Installation of Driskos Tunnel (Egnatia Highway) (funding source: ROTECH ENGINEERING Ltd, SIEMENS SA).

6. "Investiagation of Magnetic Phenomena in soft Ferromagnetic Materials in High Operating Frequency used in Marine Electric Machines Applications(Funding source: NTUA Internal Support of Fundamental Research 2007-Frame).

7. "Seminar on Ship High and Low Voltage Electrical Installations", Series of seminars on the Operation, Security and Maintentance of Electrical Installations operating at Low and High Voltage (funding source: Kristen Navigation Inc - MaranGas Maritime).

8. "Studying the transient stability of a synchronous 150 kV three-phase generator during a nearby three-phase fault with the intervention of AVR's" (funding source: WARTSILA Greece ΑΕ).

9. "Investigation of fire incident in the stern thruster installation of a yacht" (funding source: M.T.C Ltd).

10. "Studying the Reactive Power regulation of low Power factor motors driving slow-speed compressors on an LPG carrier" (funding source: MaranGas Maritime).

11. "Marine Electrical Initiative - MARINELIVE" (funding source: European Commission).

12. "DEFKALION" ("THALIS" call).