The proposed project deals with analysing and resolving Power Quality (PQ) problems in electric energy systems of ships with extensive electrification. Within this framework, optimized configurations of critical subsystems are studied in depth: shaft generators, thrusters, pods, earthing grids and protection against lightning. Finally, a central electric power management system is designed and tested in a manner that all PQ problems studied are monitored and mitigated. Noting the forthcoming complete ship electrification (called “All Electric Ship”), it is highlighted that this the first time that a project focuses on resolving all significant PQ problems met aboard. The anticipated results can be summarized as aiming at a greener, safer, more reliable and more economic ship. The power quality problems dealt refer to all three distinct power sub-systems: (a) generation (b) distribution, and (c) consumers. The methodology proposed, comprises both theoretical approach accompanied by experiments. This requires the inter-disciplinary engagement of researchers from different scientific areas such as naval architecture, hydrodynamic engineering, marine engineering, electric grid and earthing grid engineering, electric machinery and power electronic engineering and energy engineering. Thus, the Main Research Team comprises academics grouped in 4 groups:
a) Marine Technology
b) Energy Saving
c) Electromechanical Energy Conversion
d) Electric Overvoltages
accompanied by a team of freelance researchers.
A distinguished Invited Researcher participates, too (Dr Sakis Meliopoulos, distinguished professor from Georgia Technological Institute, USA). The project is subdivided into 9 workpackages.